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Rapeseed press cakes are a byproduct of crude oil extraction that can be used in the production of animal feed. Rapeseed proteins contain essential amino acids (i.e., lysine, methionine, cystine, tryptophan, etc.) and its fats provide essential fatty acids (oleic acid, linoleic acid). These proteins and fatty acids are vital for a healthy growth of young animals and have many positive effects on their health and productivity. Rapeseed press cakes are a valuable source of proteins for cattle, pigs, poultry and fish. Due to its advanced manufacturing technology, Rokiškis Oil Extraction and Refinery Plant produces rapeseed press cakes with well retained proteins that are perfect for animal feed. Scientific research has also proven the positive effects of rapeseed press cakes on the productivity of cows when combined with the regular feed. Therefore, this sort of feed is on demand in diary and cattle farms.

All our products are natural and made using cutting edge technology which ensures the production of premium quality crude oil and other related products.

The products made from the ingredients grown in farms that use rapeseed oil cakes to feed their livestock have been on the rise in the German food market. According to Dr. Hab. Friedrich Schöne of Thuringian State Institute of Agriculture, the milk of cows consuming animal feed enriched with rapeseed (up to 26%) is used in Germany to produce butter which is “good for your heart”. Despite the considerably higher price as compared to regular butter, this product has already been recognized by consumers. The eggs laid by the hens fed with rapeseed (up to 15% of feed) are also several times more expensive but a popular choice in Germany. When asked if the products made from the ingredients grown in the farms that use rapeseed oil cakes to feed their livestock are more delicious, the scientists smile and reply with another question: is healthy food always more delicious?