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    LT-42221 Rokiškis District Municipality, Lithuania

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Our goal is to supply consumers with premium quality products. Thus, we apply strict quality requirements to the edible oil production process. The rapeseed is supplied to the Rokiškis Oil Extraction and Refinery Plant straight from the field and only then it is properly processed for extraction by cleaning, drying and storing the grain under suitable conditions. The crude rapeseed oil is extracted naturally, by pressing, and without the use of any chemicals (e.g., hexane, benzene, etc.). Our company uses our own pressed crude oil to produce the edible oil sold under the Rokiškis Oil trademark. We follow the principle “From the Field to the Table” and take full responsibility for the entire production process. The Rokiškis Oil Extraction and Refinery Plant is the only large Lithuanian producer of edible oil that uses organic and genetically unmodified rapeseed grown in Lithuania.

Rokiškis Oil Extraction and Refinery Plant produces premium quality edible oil sold under the following Rokiškis Oil (Rokiškio aliejus) trademarks: Rokiškis Refined Rapeseed Oil (Rokiškio Aliejus Rafinuotas Rapsų) and Rokiškis Unrefined Rapeseed Oil (Rokiškio Aliejus Nerafinuotas Rapsų).

Multiple researches have proven that rapeseed oil in terms of nutrition data is as valuable as olive oil or any other sorts of oil. Refined rapeseed oil is produced using a gentle refining technique that removes any substances that might result in the formation of carcinogens when cooking. At the same time, it ensures that the oil retains all the nutritious substances. The German KRUPP machinery is used to extract the oil and refine it in low temperature, giving it a gentle aroma and a nutty aftertaste. Refined rapeseed oil is the best choice for cooking and frying. Unrefined rapeseed oil can be used for salad dressing and for boiling. This oil is not suitable for cooking because of its strong taste and aroma. Rokiškis Oil is an exceptional product that has already been tested and liked my numerous clients. Naturally pressed oil is a delicious and natural source of vitamins A, E and D and unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids. The name of the product (Rokiškis Oil) is our tribute to the Rokiškis culinary heritage. The consumers recognize and value many products originating from Rokiškis. Therefore, Rokiškis Oil belongs to the family of extraordinary products produced with love and responsibility and representing and promoting the hard-working people of Rokiškis region.

Scientific research: Prof. Dr. Med. Christian Barth from the German Institute of Human Nutrition gave a report in an international conference held in Kaunas. He highlighted that according to scientific tests, rapeseed oil was found to contain a perfect ratio of unsaturated omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Consumption of such oil is an effective way to prevent cardiovascular diseases that have been plaguing our society during the recent years.