• Address: J. Vienožinskio St. 3A, Audronys I Village,

    LT-42221 Rokiškis District Municipality, Lithuania

  • Call Us: +370 458 71 490

Rokiškis Oil

ROKIŠKIS OIL is a new trademark emphasizing the origins of the product produced at the Rokiškis Oil Extraction and Refinery Plant and cultivating the deep traditions of the Rokiškis culinary heritage. Rokiškis region is where we come from and where the plant and all its operations are based, Rokiškio Aliejinė UAB employs the local people, and this makes us responsible for this land. Our highly qualified team and our vast professional experience in rapeseed oil production allows us to offer our clients the products we take great pride in. Our clients are provided with premium quality ROKIŠKIS OIL intended for those who value high quality food. We are a responsible, transparent and reliable company. We value our business relationships with the consumers and business partners, take pride in our employees and do the best we can to cherish what we have created.