• Address: J. Vienožinskio St. 3A, Audronys I Village,

    LT-42221 Rokiškis District Municipality, Lithuania

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Limited Liability Company Rokiškio Aliejinė has been in oil extraction and refining business since 1990, when the renowned Obeliai Spirit Distillery began the construction of a rapeseed oil production line. On June 4, 1993, the oil production plant was separated from the spirit distillery and was named the Obeliai State Rapeseed Oil Extraction Plant.

The main activities of the company were oil extraction, sale of oil and press cakes and grain cleaning, drying and storage. The rapeseed oil extraction plant was constructed during the first years after Lithuania regained its independence. It cost approx. 5.8 million euro, more than a half of which (3.2 million) was paid to install the oil extraction machines provided by ThyssenKrupp which is known as the German manufacturer of the most advanced machinery. As the market situation changed, so did the legal form and the owners of the Obeliai Oil Extraction Plant. In 2005, the company was on the brink of bankruptcy and was eventually purchased by the Šiaurės Vilkas Corporate Group, which, subsequently, cooperated with suppliers of raw materials and other Lithuanian agricultural companies to incorporate the SV Obeliai Cooperative. The plant was further expanded and received investments of 5.2 million euro plus another 1 million euro from the European structural and investment funds into the renovation of the plant machinery. Finally, in 2009, the production of the only truly Lithuanian rapeseed oil was launched again. Investments were made into oil extraction plants, upgrading of biodiesel production, expansion of warehouses and installation oil filtration machines. The owners of the company once again changed in 2016 when the Limited Liability Company Rokiškio Aliejinė was founded. The legal form of the company was changed as a result of changes in its management form as well as the fact that it no longer complied with the concept and definition of a cooperative. Presently, the company belongs to the shareholders who are also its managers. The name of the company was chosen a tribute to Rokiškis: to represent the region and promote the local culinary heritage and traditions.